Bendito Cafe Branding

The Premise: Bendito Cafe's Vision

Bendito Cafe introduces itself as a vanguard in the Mexican specialty coffee market, inspired by the third wave of coffee—a movement that treats coffee as an artisanal food rather than a mere commodity. Bendito Cafe is committed to enriching the coffee experience by fostering strong relationships with local Mexican farmers to source the finest beans, thereby ensuring a superior cup of coffee. Coffee tastings and appreciation of the nuanced flavors developed through expert roasting are integral to the cafe's philosophy.


The Conclusion: Crafting a Unique Coffee Experience

Our challenge was to create a brand that not only stands out in a crowded market but also deeply resonates with the cultural richness of Mexican coffee. The aim was to develop a brand that promotes personal experience, community connection, and the intricate romance of coffee, far beyond the usual commercial appeal.


Bendito Cafe Brand Identity
Specialty Coffee BrandingMexican Coffee Culture Mural
Coffee Shop Brand Design

 By Chaptr:

  • Brand Identity and Aesthetic Experience
  • Strategic Product Positioning
  • Launch Campaigns and Packaging Design
  • Video Production for Brand Storytelling
  • Website Design and Social Media Content Strategy


In partnership with Bendito Cafe, Chaptr Agency has crafted a narrative that not only highlights the artistry of coffee making but also sets a new standard in the specialty coffee industry.

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