Monat Branding

The premise: MONAT Global's Vision

Monat Global emerges as a pioneer in the naturally based, anti-aging hair care realm. They aspired to be a global leader not solely focused on the product but on the transformative experience of their partners. Chaptr overturned the typical direct sales narrative and instead emphasized product quality. By collaborating closely with key executives, we sculpted a visual identity that personified Monat’s vision and catapulted the brand to global recognition.

 The Conclusion: MONAT Visual Success
We were tasked with an inspiring challenge: to craft a direct sales brand that prioritizes product excellence over the conventional allure of financial gain. This new branding must resonate with Monat's culture and align perfectly with the CEO's forward-thinking vision.

By Chaptr:

  • Brand Identity and Product Architecture
  • Strategic Product Positioning
  • Launch Campaigns and Packaging Design
  • Video Production for Commercials and Tutorials
  • Website Design and Social Media Content Strategy

In partnership with Monat, Chaptr Agency has written a success story that intertwines creativity with business acumen, setting a new benchmark for direct sales branding in the beauty industry.

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