Drive Monat

The Premise:
To control, manage and handle the direction you are going is to Drive your journey into growth and success in the business. MONATions United is the biggest MONAT event each year, and the 2017 edition, with the theme of Drive, was the largest event in the company’s history, to that time.
The Storyline.
Create the full, consistent branding for this conference from top to bottom.  The event involved an audience of 1,400, top-notch speakers, powerful training, spectacular announcements, an awards gala and an after party. In the main sessions, in the store, in the hallways, ensure attendees never forgot they were part of a huge event with their favorite people.
By chaptr:
Deliverables: Branding, print materials, presentation visuals, website, registration, photography and creative content for social media.
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