Monat Junior

The Premise: 

MONAT Junior represented the first brand extension for the MONAT product line. Featuring three gently formulated products for kids aged 1 to 10, MONAT Junior was designed to appeal to a new audience — or at least to the parents of a new audience.

The Storyline: 

Develop packaging and branding that balanced several concerns. It had to be consistent with the existing line but targeted to children, and yet stand out as a premium product. Working with a tagline of “The quality you expect and three times the fun,” the team had a clear target to aim for.

By Chaptr: 

Our team orchestrated a comprehensive launch campaign for MONAT Junior that encompassed everything from packaging design and product positioning to a product commercial. The rollout included engaging tutorials, vibrant photography, and creative content tailored for social media, featuring clips, images for social feeds, and stories, and even a playful tub toy to enhance product interaction.

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